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Stock Canopies

Current as of 20-April-2022

It's that time again.  Did the tax man giveth?

Treat yourself to 10% off a new Ace or Black Jack.

We have a few in stock, but better yet, you can order the colors you desire.

Discount is good until May 31st, 2022 and the small print applies.

Check our stock listing for something ready to go, or fill out an order form with your custom colors.

The small print: Special does not apply to dealers.

Payments preferred via check/money order.

50% deposit to place a new order.

Credit cards warmly accepted with a 3% fee on discounted canopies.

In Stock    Ace         280    A280512165  Silver/Silver/Turquoise/Navy/Turquoise/Silver/Silver       Navy Stabs


In Stock   Black Jack 240  B240512279*  Turquoise/Turquoise/Silver/Turquoise/Silver/Turquoise/Turquoise     Royal Blue Stabs

In Stock Black Jack 280 B280512305 Royal/Silver/Turquoise/Navy Blue/Turquoise/Silver/Royal​  Navy Blue Stabs

PARTS In Stock:

Line Sets: 260 / 280

Lower Steering Sets: 240 / 260 / 280

Lower/Upper Steering Set: 280

Tail Pockets: 240 / 260 / 280 / 310

SOLD Black Jack ZP  260  B261512282  Turqoise/White/Navy/Royal/Navy/White/Turquoise      Royal Stabs


SOLD Black Jack 260  B260512295  Royal Blue/Silver/Silver/Navy Blue/Silver/Silver/Royal Blue  White Stabs

SOLD Black Jack 260  B260512296 Turquoise/Navy Blue/Navy Blue/Turquoise/Navy Blue/Navy Blue/Turquoise  Royal Blue Stabs


SOLD Black Jack 260 B260512304 Royal/Silver/Silver/Navy Blue/Silver/Silver/Royal  White Stabs


  • All stock canopies have black lines unless otherwise noted with * red asterisk.

  • Rib color patterns not always standard.  Contact us for details.

  • Dates are approximate completion dates.




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