Stock Canopies

Current as of 27-January-2021

In Stock    Ace         280    A280512165  Silver/Silver/Turquoise/Navy/Turquoise/Silver/Silver       Navy Stabs


In Stock   Black Jack 240  B240512279*  Turquoise/Turquoise/Silver/Turquoise/Silver/Turquoise/Turquoise     Royal Blue Stabs

SOLD Black Jack ZP  260  B261512282  Turqoise/White/Navy/Royal/Navy/White/Turquoise      Royal Stabs


SOLD Black Jack 260  B260512295  Royal Blue/Silver/Silver/Navy Blue/Silver/Silver/Royal Blue  White Stabs

SOLD Black Jack 260  B260512296 Turquoise/Navy Blue/Navy Blue/Turquoise/Navy Blue/Navy Blue/Turquoise  Royal Blue Stabs


SOLD Black Jack 260 B260512304 Royal/Silver/Silver/Navy Blue/Silver/Silver/Royal  White Stabs

In Stock Black Jack 280 B280512305 Royal/Silver/Turquoise/Navy Blue/Turquoise/Silver/Royal​  Navy Blue Stabs


  • All stock canopies have black lines unless otherwise noted with * red asterisk.

  • Rib color patterns not always standard.  Contact us for details.

  • Dates are approximate completion dates.