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Consolidated Rigging was created in 1989, in response to increasing demand for our home made BASE specific products. Since that time we have grown into an internationally recognized company dedicated to the needs of fixed object jumpers. Our products are in use all over the world and have come to represent state of the art in BASE specific gear.


Our first BASE canopy, the Mojo, is arguably the most popular BASE canopy ever produced.

Our Perigee series of containers brought contemporary style and manufacturing techniques to BASE gear. In 1997, Consolidated Rigging was the first to introduce a dual pin-closed system named the Perigee Pro. Shortly after, we redesigned our Velcro rigs, being the first to incorporate shrivel flaps that tucked securely away; finally addressing the most common failure point in Velcro closed rigs. We were also the first to commercially produce vented pilot chutes.


Our Ace and Black Jack canopies redefined what was possible with a low aspect ratio canopy. Again we led the industry with the introduction of valved lower surfaces and unique material combinations. These innovations and others persist as state of the art to this day. From the beginning we have maintained that equipment used for BASE jumping demands the highest possible quality. This unwavering product standard and our customer-centric culture have guided us from the beginning.


In 2004 Consolidated Rigging was restructured. The Perigee Harness and Container Systems were sold to Martin Tilley, who formed Asylum Designs. Canopy manufacture was outsourced to Performance Designs, who have built all Ace and Black Jacks since.


Consolidated Rigging serves as the sole distributor of ACE and Black Jack canopies.


Although the company founder transitioned to a career in the aerospace sector, Consolidated Rigging has continued to develop parachutes for various applications including BASE.


If you have any comments or questions about our products or services please don't hesitate to contact us.


Blue Skies!


Adam Filippino

BASE #205






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